Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR by Wild Planet


Model number: 70337
Manufacturer: Wild Planet Toys
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Product Details:


Introducing the Spy Video TRAKR - the world's first programmable video RC toy! See in the dark, map out select paths, and have the vision of a robotic spy. Visit spytrakr.com so you can load up on free apps, build your own apps, and share them with fellow agents!

What is the Spy Video TRAKR?
The TRAKR is a fun and sophisticated spy toy for kids, advanced tech users, and everyone in between. Out of the box, it's a full-color video RC that lets you see and hear all the action. Plug the TRAKR into your computer, and you can download applications that expand its capabilities even further. Tech-savvy users can write applications in C programming language and upload them to share. You can even "look under the hood" of the applications to see how they work - and maybe even learn how to build one!

The TRAKR has many amazing capabilities; the rest is up to YOUR imagination!
- See in the dark
- Memorize and retrace mission routes
- Take color video and photos (SD card required, not included)
- Throw your voice

Want the full tech specs? Keep reading...

- 8 MB of on-board RAM
Enables you to download or build memory-intensive programs

- 2 ARM 9 processors
High quality image & audio capture

- SD card slot
For high-capacity video, audio & image storage

- USB host and device ports
So you can connect to your computer to download more apps

- Omni Vision VGA camera

- Up to 100 feet range indoors and 150 feet outdoors
Enables programming for real-time image processing

- Nordic 2.4 GHz radio
Gives you low-power wireless communication so you can listen in

- Dual, high current (2A) H-Bridges with current sensors
Allows advanced motor control

- QVGA screen & speaker on remote
Fully programmable remote - you can assign new functions to the buttons and joysticks

- Audio block with polyphonic synthesizer
Includes support for speech synthesis

Other Information: The TRAKR's camera is manually adjustable. The TRAKR is not Wi-Fi enabled.


  • The most intelligent RC vehicle ever
  • Color video and sound let you see and hear all the action
  • Customize it with hundreds of online apps or build your own
  • Built-in apps include Cyborg Vision, Night Vision, and Path Mapper
  • Online apps are free