Sea Monkeys Pirate Treasure (Deluxe)


Model number: 67294
Manufacturer: Big Time Toys
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Product Details:

Arrr - thar be a sunken treasure ship at the bottom of this Sea-Monkey® tank! Watch the amazing live Sea-Monkeys® swim around it, and use the included submarine searchlight in the dark to check out their nighttime adventures. Kit contains everything needed: water purifier, instant life eggs, and growth food.Colors vary and are selected at random when shipped.Sea-Monkeys® are a true miracle of nature. They exist in suspended animation inside their tiny eggs for many years. The instant-life crystals, in which the eggs are enclosed, preserve their viability and help to extend still further their un-hatched life span! Sea-Monkeys® are real Time-Travelers asleep in biological time capsules for their strange journey into the future! The joy of watching Sea-Monkeys® grow offers a lot more than just pure fun. It is one of the outstanding educational experiences of a lifetime, because the entire life-cycle of these unique creatures are fully recreated. Conceived in 1960 as a biological novelty, the "fantasy" has transformed into brilliant reality.

  • The original, amazing live sea monkeys
  • This special set includes a sunken ship at the bottom of the tank
  • Also includes submarine searchlight
  • Kit contains aquarium, water purifier, instant life eggs, growth food and submarine searchlight
  • Your Sea Monkey pets may live up to two years